Our award-
winning chocolate
bars have a
story to tell.

At Brasstown Chocolate, we believe that chocolate-making at its finest is a craft, and strive to create handcrafted chocolate that embodies the levels of quality and workmanship befitting our name. With top-ranking awards both nationally and internationally, we are redefining chocolate as not just a decadence, shop-button but as a conscientious and ever-evolving work of art…a story that starts here.

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Belize 70%



Dominican Republic 68%



Blueberry 75%


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Customers say…

quoteI just bought ‘Brasstown Fine Artisan Chocolate’ from my local Whole Foods. Your chocolate has to be one of the best I’ve ever tasted and I’m a chocolaholic!

Critics say…

quoteThe rise of Rom Still’s and Barbara Price’s Brasstown Chocolate is refreshing and reflects their dedication to create a high quality, flavor-rich experience through ongoing efforts to collaborate, choose the right ingredients, and discover the best methods.